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With servlets, the Java Virtual Machine stays up, and each request is handled by a lightweight Java thread, not a heavyweight operating system process. Servlets also have more alternatives than do regular CGI programs for optimizations such as caching previous computations, keeping database connections open, etc.

Besides the convenience of being able to use a familiar language, servlets have an extensive infrastructure for automatically parsing and decoding HTML form data, reading and setting HTTP headers, handling cookies, tracking sessions, and many other such utilities.

Play with Demos

It becomes really easy to play with code if you have demos and sample code. Each of these scripts has a link to various sample code and demos that will help you learn and implement the libraries on your site in just no time. Why dont you DRAG the demo image on the left ?


Java servlets let you easily do several things that are difficult or impossible with regular CGI. Servlets can talk directly to the Web server (regular CGI programs can't). This simplifies operations that need to look up images and other data stored in standard places. Servlets can also share data among each other, making useful things like database connection pools easy to implement.


Servlets are written in Java and follow a well-standardized API. Consequently, servlets written for, say I-Planet Enterprise Server can run virtually unchanged on Apache, Microsoft IIS, or WebStar. Servlets are supported directly or via a plugin on almost every major Web server.

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